Thursday, April 2, 2009


Aviv, let me get this straight. You are touting as your youth movement:

  • A guy whose numbers have dropped for two years straight and whose OPS+ was 86 in 2008 (Cano).
  • A guy who batted an eye-popping .228 and had an OPS of .582 (Gardner).
  • A guy who is out of options and is getting worse each year (Cabrera).
  • Chubsy von Drunkenstein, who is being wasted in the starting rotation.
  • Three unknown pitchers, two of whom had ERAs higher than 3.50 in 2008.

Man, you better hope that you are right and all these 35-and-older players defy the aging process. Because all you have backing you up are a lot of question marks.

And those Teixeira/Giambi numbers are closer than you want to admit, especially when you consider Teixeira played 12 more games and had 116 more at-bats.

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Matt said...

You two sound like two fat girls bickering over the affections of the nerd at the Prom. Let's hear news, let's hear lineup analysis, but this glory day argument is for the birds.