Monday, June 1, 2009

Southern Connecticut Rides The Bandwagon

Aviv is kind of like a Republican Congressman with math or science; he reads one thing and extrapolates a ridiculous conclusion.

Yes yes yes, the infamous Q-poll says that Connecticut is Yankee Land. But if you actually examine the poll, you'll see how the state numbers get skewed.

Connecticut is made up of eight counties. Five of them went for the Sox (Hartford, Tolland, Windham, New London and Litchfield) in large numbers. Only three of them went for the faded former dynasty to the south. And all three of them lay to the south of the state.

New Haven and Middlesex counties were under 50% and tend to be the "swing" counties. They'll pull for whoever is doing better at that particular moment by a small amount. No, as always is it Fairfield County that skews the poll. Only in that little annoying corner of the state does the New York infection spread it's black hue.

Actually, it's a blue and orange hue. The Mets poll 21% to 16% for the Sox, which throws the result for the whole state off. Without the Mets, the Sox win. Thanks for nothing, guys. You choke year after year during the season but this you succeed at.

And this is what I have always said about Connecticut; Fairfield County is not Connecticut. If you live anywhere else in the state, any coupon you get says "Not valid in Fairfield County". Why? Because they're nothing more than stealth New Yorkers. If I can't get a dollar off a quarter-pounder or a free gallon of milk there, why should they be included in a Connecticut poll?

So enjoy this pseudo-victory, Aviv. All it does is reinforce the fact that southern Connecticut is a world apart from the rest of the state. The real Connecticut still lives and dies with the Sox.


Aviv said...

Wait a second! The results don't go your way, so you don't want to count the "votes" from Fairfield County. And you're calling ME Republican??? Any good Democrat would want all the votes counted, like in Florida in 2000!

Fact of the matter is Fairfield County IS part of Connecticut and a very big part of it at that.

Dave said...

Fairfield County is New York North. And until I can use a coupon good anywhere else in the state in Fairfield County, you are pseudo-Connecticut at best.

And the Sox did win the county vote 5-3. Like I said, MOST of Connecticut roots for the Sox.

Aviv said...

MOST of Connecticut lives in Fairfield, New Haven and Middlesex counties. The rest is mostly farmland and trees.

Dave said...

Now now now, you know that isn't true. Cram all the pseudo-Yorkers you want into the south, but us REAL Nutmeggers root for the Sox.

Aviv said...

Thank goodness we have UConn to agree upon.

Dave said...

There is that.