Friday, June 19, 2009

Watered Down

I think what baffles me the most about yesterday's game between the Sox and Marlins is why it even happened. From game time on, the forecast was rain, rain, and then a possibility of rain. And yet The Powers That Be decided to cram a game into five innings while the rain came down, guaranteeing a result that would disappoint the team that lost. And unfortunately, that team was Boston.

All I have to say is, thank God Lowell Youk hit that homer (sorry for the mistake. Very, very tired today). The only thing worse than losing a five-inning game to an inferior team is getting no-hit in a five-inning game by an inferior team. But Nolasco really had his pitches working last night. All credit to him; he shut the Sox offense down with ease.

It's hard to draw any lessons or conclusions from a game like last night's. They didn't even get through 5.5 innings. Almost half the game was left to play and who knows what could have happened? The Sox have done well with the late-inning comeback this year. Instead, they get saddled with the loss.

Why was it so damned important to cram this game in for MLB? If you know it's going to rain the whole time you're playing, why even start? I know I know, if the tables were turned I'd be fine. Okay, that may be so. Still, the larger point is correct; MLB shouldn't be trying to play games in the rain to keep to a schedule.

Nevertheless, the Sox still took two of three from the Marlins and now welcome in their former cross-town rivals the Braves. Hopefully the game will get played tonight, although I am sure if there was a hurricane blowing through that the umpires would still find a way to play the game. Tonight it's Daisuke against Kenshin Kawakami. Neither guy is pitching particular well, with Kawakami's ERA over 4.5 and Daisuke sporting an ERA north of 7. Kenshin has trouble on the road (1-3, 5.81 ERA, .330 BAA) and Daisuke has trouble everywhere. I'm wagering we see a run explosion tonight.

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Aviv said...

Just another reason to love interleague play. I can't disagree with you Dave, even though I'm thrilled my pathetic Yanks caught a break.

The Yankees had a mutual off day with Washington, but somehow it was better to let the fans sit through a 5-1/2 rain delay.

The Red Sox had two mutaul off days with the Marlins, but it was somehow better to get in five innings.

These are both East Coast teams. The travel in this case is not that difficult. It's not like we're dealing with the Angels and Mariners and cross country trips.

Red Sox and Yankees ownership should have killed both games. MLB has to take a long hard look at its rain out policies and set some real guidelines.

Enough with this garbage.