Friday, August 14, 2009

Alex Gonzalez Clears Waivers Rejoins Sox

Will Theo try to correct his second largest mistake ever at the shortstop position? Fox Sports is reporting that Alex Gonzalez cleared waivers for the Reds. Of course, this means he can be traded to any team.

He played stellar defense for the Sox in 2006. And right now he is batting a hell of a lot better than Nick Green. He'd likely cost the Sox a lower-tier farm player or the ever-popular "player to be named later". To me, this is a no-brainer. But then again, I am not running the team.

Update Less Than Five Minutes Later: Alex Gonzalez has rejoined the Red Sox. Chris Woodward, we hardly knew ye.

Yet Another Update: According to WEEI, through a report on, the Sox have sent Single A shortstop Kris Negron to the Reds in exchange for Gonzalez.

Negron is surplus to the Sox, as SS is a position the Sox have two or three prospects in that project much higher than Negron. That said, the kid is a speed demon and if he could ever hit with consistency, he could have a future.

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