Friday, August 7, 2009

And So It Ends

John Smoltz has been designated for assignment.

I really don't have much more to say. Except "good" and "You're about two games too late, Theo." And while I am not thrilled with the Sox rushing Junichi Tazawa into the majors, I'd rather see him have a go in five days than suffer through another outing with The Smoltz Implosion.

The problem wasn't signing Smoltz to short money. The problem was Theo not having a backup plan in case Smoltz spit the bit.


Aviv said...

As a Yankees fan, I can help but smirk at the problems the Sox are having with it allegedly superior pitching. I hear there is a former Red Sox pitcher in Texas looking for work. Theo might want to reach out to him, too.

Michael said...

I still believe the Red Sox have the best pitching in the majors from top to bottom. But I still wish the Yankees didn't have the cash to upgrade their pitching staff. They would be terrible without CC and Burnett.

Dave said...

The Sox do have superior pitching when everyone is healthy. Having Wakefield out is a big blow to the staff.

Ryan said...

As a Yankee fan, I really felt sorry for Smoltz. To watch a great pitcher look feeble on the mound after many years of success is sad. Do I wish he would have shut down the Yankees? Ah heck no but I do wish that someone like him doesn't have to have his last hurrah this way.