Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take a bow, Johan

OK, so the 5-3 final came close to the 4-3 score I predicted (I did think the Sox would have the 4 runs). However, I didn't expect the Mets defense to try to giftwrap this one for the Sox like they had in every game in L.A.

Johan the Magnigicent was just that. He gave up the one homer ball to Varitek, but he was fantastic. Wild card Gary Sheffield hit a homer.

Jose Reyes isn't playing again tonight. And Ramon Martinez is at shortstop again. Needless to say, Julio Lugo is not in the Sox lineup tonight to try and match fielding nitwits with Martinez. At least Martinez helped Santana with an RBI.

My pessimism remains strong tonight, however. Look at the Met lineup:

1b Daniel Murphy
rf Angel Pagan
dh Carlos Beltran
lf Gary Sheffield
3b David Wright
cf Jeremy Reed
c Omir Santos
ss Ramon Martinez
2b Luis Castillo

If the Mets somehow get production out of 6-7-8-9 again like they did last night, they'll win, but I doubt 3-4-5 will be able to do it on their own against Beckett. Murphy leading off still boggles my mind.

The Mets' walking wounded now includes Carlos Beltran (knee) and Ryan Church (hammy). Church won't play tonight, and gold glover Beltran cedes center to Reed. Oh, the joy.

Here's looking at plenty of ground balls from Pelfrey, but nowhere near shortstop or first base.

A side note: Kevin Youkilis says he was trying to joke with Johan about being hit by the pitch Friday night. I hope this really is the case because I'm getting a little sick of Youkilis whining about being hit or close to being hit.
As a Met fan, I'm predestined to loathe the Yankees, but his anger towards Joba is a little overdone. Part of what makes him such a feared hitter is how he crowds the plate and dives in (kind of like Derek Jeter). If that's what makes you successful, you can't cry about pitches hitting you in the arm or coming close. If you don't want to be hit, don't dive into the plate. Youkilis is one of those players you love to have on your team, but can't stand him as an opponent. Can I get a little Paul O'Neill?

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