Saturday, April 25, 2009

NFL Draft/UConn Updates

Hey, we're UConn alumni ... and it's the one thing we agree on!

Running back Donald Brown becomes the first UConn player to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft, chosen No. 27 by the Colts. The Colts lost Damien Rhodes in the offseason, so this is a real nice pickup for them. Brown will back up Joseph Addai, but will see a fair amount of action in his first season.

Cornerback Darius Butler was selected by the Patriots in the second round with the 41st pick. The Patriots have had secondary issues for a long time. Butler is a fast, smart corner who should be able adapt to Bill Belichick's system and contribute, at least on special teams, very quickly.

Offensive Tackle William Beatty was selected by the Giants in the second round with the 60th pick. The Giants' offensive line has a strength, consistent and largely healthy for several years now, but tackles Kareem McKenzie is getting older. Beatty, a late bloomer at UConn, will be afforded the time to develop before contributing in two or three years.

Defensive end Cody Brown was selected by the Cardinals in the second round with 63rd pick. Brown is a speed rusher and a bit of a project. Leading up to the draft, speculation was that he would be converted to an outside linebacker by a team that plays a 3-4, but the Cardinals play a 4-3, so Brown will remain in his natural position. He'll need to bulk up a bit to make it.

Wow! Four picks in the first two rounds. UConn has come far. Put it like this, only Southern Cal had more players (5) picked in the first two rounds and Ohio State (4) had as many. The University of Miami and Notre Dame, factories for NFL players, had no one selected. This should be a big boost to UConn's recruiting as none of the guys were big prospects coming out of high school.

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