Monday, October 26, 2009

One Picture Says It All

As you know, me and mine up here in New England are all die-hard Sox fans. So we already know who we want to win. But I have to share this picture of my daughter Elle after the jump. She's four, and if you have been following us here at SvS for a while, you know she is currently battling cancer. But she is in great health and spirits. So if she is whipping cancer's ass, you want that mojo on your side.

Sorry, Yankee fans. Elle has spoken... :)

Go Phillies!


Unknown said...

Dave, you let your daughter wear the hat of a fan base that booed Santa Clause. Where's DCF?

Dave said...

It was the EAGLES fans who booed Santa Claus and threw snowballs at him. Big difference. :)


Unknown said...

DCF -- Department of Children and Families.

Eagles fan, Phillies fan, there really is no differnece between them. They're all degenerates! Just ask Mets fans.

Dave said...'d call DCF on us? :)

Hey, nothing worse than a Yankee fan. I'd consort with the devil to stick it to you guys. Isn't there a play like that... :)

Unknown said...

Ah yes, Damn Yankees. Great play. Saw it on Broadway. We'll have to take the kids when there's another production.

But I thought we were on agreement on this. There are no worse fans than Blue Jays fans, followed by Phillies fans with Rays fans ranking as most ignorant.

Dave said...

I think we are in agreement. Jays fans are just...weird.