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Sunday, April 4, 2010

And Now A Word From George Steinbrenner

Last June, as the Yankees hit rock bottom following their eighth straight loss to the Red Sox, I held a seance and contacted the "spirit" of owner George M. Steinbrenner III.

With the 2010 season and the quest for Championship No. 28 set to start tonight at Fenway Park, The Boss' spirit has asked to address the team and Yankee Universe yet again.

He is, afterall, the Boss, so here you go:


Men, a season ago you made me, our fans and our city very proud. Despite a difficult start to the season, you dug deep, fought hard and showed the perseverance that has become synonymous with our great city.

The result was World Championship No. 27 in the Yankees' illustrious history.

But a new season is upon us and it is time to put the glory of last season in the past. We are the New York Yankees and the expectations don't change. Your mission, men, is to bring back to New York yet another championship.

This is what I expect, what our fans expect and what our city expects. Anything less is unacceptable.

Our general manager, Brian Cashman, has gone out an improved our team, providing you with all you need to bring back that title. Cash has improved our defense, provided more pitching depth, strengthened our bullpen, and has done it all without weakening the best offense in the game. Make no mistake, men, you have all the talent and tools to win it all again.

And under the leadership of our manager Joe Girardi, our fans and I expect you will put those tools to good use and to maximize your talent.

Men, I have great faith in you and I expect you to go out and show the world what this team is made of. Go out and make us proud.

Let's get going. The season is about to begin. Let's go out and bring World Championship No. 28 back to New York. That's what I want.


And there you have it. A missive from The Boss (sort of), at his inspirational best.

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