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Monday, April 19, 2010

I've Got Nothing

I'm not even writing about that abomination of a game yesterday. Five hits? Another error? Just one run, and that one in the ninth? The 3-5 batters go a collective 0-9? Oh, and now JD Drew is batting .132 with a .444 OPS. Tell me again how this guy is worth $14 million. Please, I'm all ears. Break out the UZR, VORP, and every other acronym to somehow convince me that JD Drew isn't killing this team.

Feh! The Sox are now 4-8 on the year and 1-5 at home. One measly win! Hopefully, John Lackey can stop the bleeding. But the Sox need to figure out what is going wrong and fast. Because contrary to popular belief, games in April actually count.

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