Monday, May 17, 2010

Motor City Breakdown

I wish I could do a proper post but work has been (and continues to be) hellacious. Suffice it to say, a promising start went south in a hurry.

The bullpen imploded on Saturday (although Papelbon was stellar). But Sunday was worse, with the Sox stranding 10 runners in scoring position against Galarraga and Company while Lackey allowed five runs. And just like that the Sox are stumbling into the Bronx for two games. And God only knows what will happen tonight. It goes without saying that Daisuke has to replicate that great outing against the Blue Jays if the Sox are to stand a chance tonight against Phil Hughes. Who, I will admit, looks pretty damn good and should be the front-runner for AL starter in the All-Star game. A starting pitcher with a .92 WHIP? That's just mean.

One good piece of news? Looks like Ortiz may have rediscovered his swing. Boston will need it.

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