Friday, July 23, 2010

Take The Win

That was the ugliest win I have ever seen for Boston. Lackey comes within breathing distance of a no-hitter before Delcarmen and Papelbon combine to blow the win in the ninth (with a nice assist from a Bill Hall throwing error). And then it takes until the 13th inning for the Sox to finally win. But right now, for the Sox, you take any win you can get.

What this is going to do, though, is set the "Should we trade Papelbon" rumor machine into overdrive. And I don't know if that is even fair. Paps was handed a crap situation and he almost got out of it. And would have without that throwing error. But when Bard needed just 11 pitches to blow through the 10th...people will start making comparisons. But this game just destroyed Delcarmen's comeback from the DL. He looked horrible and you have to wonder if he is really 100%.

But the bottom line is that they got the win. The Sox are 2-2 so far on this roadtrip and I think they have to go at least .500 to keep from falling out of contention. The Yanks and Rays aren't going to do them any favors. Boston is seven back of New York right now and three behind the Rays. I think the wildcard, for now, has to be the focus. If they can stay in range of Tampa, they will be in this race to the end of the season.

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