Friday, April 24, 2009

Wang Doesn't Show Enough

While Chien-Ming Wang showed some positive signs during his extended spring training start in Tampa, Fla., Thursday, don't count on Wang to make his next scheduled start Tuesday against the Tigers.

Wang allowed five runs, four earned, on nine hits in seven innings. He struck out 11, walked none and threw 70 of 91 pitches for strikes. His slider was sharp, and while he got more sinkers down, he still left plenty up that were hammered. He continued to throw in the low 90s, not 94-95 mph, where his sinker had been so effective in his 19-win seasons.

Dave, this is about as close to an admission that it's still the Lisfranc that the Yankees will make.

"Maybe it's the arm strength, not getting enough innings pitched last year,"
roving pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras said. "He hadn't pitched in eight
months. With arm strength, it'll be easy for him to get the ball down. More arm
strength, more velocity. The man didn't pitch for eight months. It takes time to
get it back."

In any case the Yankees simply can't afford to let Wang build that arm strength in the majors. He has to be placed on the DL so he can rehab and rebuild his confidence. Wang is expected to rejoing the Yankees in Boston Friday, but it's likely that DL move will happen before Tuesday. Phil Hughes (3-0, 1.86 ERA at Triple A Scranton) is expected to be called up. The Yankees are banking he'll prove last year was nothing more than a learning experience, and I think he'll deliver.


Dave said...

I guess we'll see if it's his arm...I doubt it.

This is make-or-break for Hughes. If he cannot deliver again, the Yankees will be looking back at what could have been with Johan Santana.

Unknown said...

I agree about Hughes. He remains the Yankees' top pitching prospect despite last season's struggles, and that's a refreshing change for the Yankees. For years, the Yanks would have given up on Hughes after a year like that, but often pitchers have to get knock around like that in the majors before they can emerge as a legit major league starter.

Anonymous said...

Now there's two pitchers the Yanks should never give up on Wang & Hughes. First Wang naturally needs to build up arm strength, he barely pitched all last year. Second, Phil Hughes when he is on, is dominating. I've seen it in person. Being up and keeping more home grown talent from the minors is exactly what the Yanks need to focus on. What good are seats in the ballpark if they are not affordable. Still, I can't wait to see the new ball park in all it's splendor. I'll just go less often. I'm on here to say great job with the blog guys. Love the dual nature of it all. Darrell 8)

Unknown said...

Thank you Darrell and keep checking us out. We also love comments on what we write. We're hoping more readers will follow your lead and take the dual nature of this site to another level.