Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jack's Take: Gardner Gives Yankees Important Spark

Aviv's note: My son Jack has taken a strong interest in sports and writing (I have no clue where he gets that). He decided to write something about Brett Gardner's signing and asked to post it. Jack is 7 years old and in second grade, and because writing is a learned skill that requires a great deal of bravery to publish to the world, I decided to grant his request. Please encourage the effort, even if you disagree with the sentiments or strategy.

The Yankees are really in a bad situation with a very injury prone lineup and they really needed a boost and they got it signing Brett Gardner to a four year $52 million dollar contract.

So now they can have more of a chance to get extra base hits and stolen bases when the Yankees need them. And he's not injury prone. But the batting average could use improvement.

I say they should bat him in the middle of the order so they have room for power at the bottom of the order and good average at the top and the middle you need some speed and clutch hits most of the time.

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